Brno, Czech Republic / Luxembourg, 13 February 2019

Architectural designs submitted for next Nová Zbrojovka zone unveiled. People can vote for their favourites

The former industrial compound that is to become Nová Zbrojovka is abuzz with pre-construction activity, while at the same time some other vital work shaping the site’s future is progressing – further architectural proposals have been unveiled to present to the public possible designs and uses for the compound’s different parts. In what is already the fourth such unveiling, three architectural studios are presenting their designs for Zone 2. It used to feature the gateway into the former arsenal. The proposed designs have been on display since 13 February on the premises of Brno City Architectural Office as well as on the project website at, The website also offers visitors the opportunity to vote for the best design and post comments on the entire project.

The new neighbourhood that will replace the disused industrial compound will affect the whole city of Brno and that’s why we want to let local citizens have a say on the neighbourhood’s future look, says Zdeněk Havelka, Executive Director of CPI Property Group.. Architectural designs proposed for the centrally positioned Zone 5 that were unveiled last month have in the meantime prompted nearly 900 votes and comments. That amounts to more public interaction than was seen for the two previously presented zones combined. The growing interest from the public is very pleasing to us, adds Zdeněk Havelka.

Zone 2 is located on the southern edge of the former Zbrojovka compound, adjacent to a military hospital which includes original buildings of a medieval monastery. As well as previously serving as the gateway into the former arsenal, this part of the compound was home to its offices, including the headquarters (the Lazareta building).

Architectural designs for Zone 2



Voting about proposals of Zone 2 you can find here.



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