The history of the Zbrojovka premises began with the origins of the factory in 1918. In the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where the site was used for the manufacture of artillery and the supply of weapons to the imperial army until the end of First World War.

In 1918, a Czechoslovak state establishment designated Zbrojovka Brno a.s. was founded. The site was responsible for the assembly of Austrian Mannlicher rifles which was replaced with the manufacture of German Mausers Mausers and later with the production of an in-house rifle Model 24 Zbrojovka was further extended with the manufacture of telephone and telegraph fittings alongside equipment, shops and tooling for railway repair.

Source: Encyclopaedia of the City of Brno

Inter-War years

In the 1920s, the premises were extended with several new buildings. The site also expanded its production range, now covering production in the civil sector with new output including automobiles, bicycles, aircraft engines and machine tools. The major product of the period was represented by the standard and portable typewriter produced under the Remington licence.

The first Disk automobile was produced at the site in 1924. In the course of the next 12 years the company shipped eight thousand vehicles noted for their simple, purpose-driven design, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance. The popular model Z4 was cherished by the famous Czech comedian Vlasta Burian. In the years 1934 –1938 the Zbrojovka site became a world-class business.

Source: Encyclopaedia of the City of Brno

The Communist Era

After the outbreak of Second World War, Zbrojovka together with most other Czech industrial establishments was included in the German Hermann Goering’s responsibilities. After the war, manufacturing soon resumed. The state-controlled factory continued to develop and in the early 1970s the largest building, the tool factory was built. In the pre-revolution period the company’s manufacturing portfolio was extended with new products including office, communication and computer technology, diesel engines for Zetor tractors and specialised tooling. A small part of the manufacturing was represented by sport and hunting rifles.

In the 1990s, a radical restructuring was undertaken including the wind up of non-prospective manufacturing streams and staff reductions. Zbrojovka Brno was transformed to a joint-stock company with multiple owners.

Source: Encyclopaedia of the City of Brno

Year 2016 and the Future

In the new millennium, Zbrojovka ceased to be a successful business and since 2003 its figures entered into the red. After only three years the last remaining employees were dismissed and the plants were closed. Since then the factory changed owners who unsuccessfully attempted to transform and rebuild the site.

The year 2016, was already marked by the entry of CPI Property Group who published its intention to revitalise the entire territory and introduce its developer project called New Zbrojovka. The twenty-hectare brownfield in the wider city centre will be rebuilt into a modern, work and lifestyle area an easily accessible quarter providing quality housing, a broad range of amenities and shops, work and leisure opportunities.

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About the project

New Zbrojovka is a multifunctional project of the real estate and investment company CPI Property Group. It is to be located in the former Zbrojovka premises in Brno, Czech Republic. The project will significantly contribute to the transformation of the public space into a brand new lifestyle area.

The purpose of the project is to restore life to the long unused brownfield and build a fully functioning residential quarter providing quality housing, a broad range of amenities and shops including work and leisure opportunities. The project will build upon the genius loci, preserving the classic industrial architecture and creating a responsible new imprint with its appearance. In respect to its history, architects will endeavor to integrate the new project to the existing urban housing style of the surrounding Brno-Židenice city quarter.

Alongside excellent city transport and pedestrian access Nova Zbrojovka will enhance the wider centre of the Moravian capital with modern offices, light manufacturing and retail. A significant part of the project will be represented by highly exclusive housing situated on the Svitava riverbank meeting all requirements for the contemporary European metropolitan lifestyle.

The project will be implemented in stages. In June 2016, work commenced on land rehabilitation which is be followed by demolition of statically unacceptable buildings and reconstruction to begin on six remaining structures. The first stage will culminate in 2020 by the construction of two brand new objects. In addition there will be an extension of the transport infrastructure to improve accessibility. In 2021, after the completion of the renovation of the preserved existing buildings, construction is scheduled of an entirely new residential quarter with nearly eight hundred new residential apartments. The completion of the whole project is scheduled for 2027 and beyond.



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Brno, ČR / Luxembourg, 14th June 2018

CPI Property Group opens the gates of Nova zbrojovka marking its centennial anniversary

A new modern neighbourhood is steadily emerging from the brownfield in the wider centre of Brno. At present, the issue of transport infrastructure, the revitalisation of the surrounding…








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