Brno, Czech Republic / Luxembourg, 15 January 2019

Design proposals for central section of Nová Zbrojovka unveiled. Public can vote on highest number of designs yet until end of February

CPI Property Group has unveiled design proposals for the development of the central section of Brno’s Zbrojovka compound. The designs, put forward by no less than 11 architectural studios. People can comment and vote on their favourite designs until the end of February. Voting, meanwhile, has closed for Zone 1 designs. Zone 1 of Nová Zbrojovka [New Arsenal] will primarily provide office and light manufacturing premises. Most people voted for a design by EA architekti, followed by a proposal by CHYBIK+KRISTOF ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS. An entry by Pelčák a partner architekti came third. People can not only vote on the submitted designs, they can come and see the models in the building that houses the Brno City Architecture Office.

The general public have submitted more than 800 votes and comments to us on Zones 1 and 6. We expect the just unveiled designs for the central part to increase that number considerably, not least because we have as many as 11 models, says Zdeněk Havelka, Executive Director of CPI Property Group. Once designs for all zones of Nová Zbrojovka have been unveiled, we will collect all the public feedback and take it into account, Zdeněk Havelka adds. Zone 5 occupies the central area of the former Zbrojovka Brno industrial compound. It is surrounded by all the other zones. In designing their proposals, architects were asked to consider the possibility of preserving and making use of the former boiler house and its chimney. They were also asked to find an optimum, versatile and functional mix of residential, office and commercial properties combined with public and relaxation areas.

Eleven creative teams, eleven designs

  • The studio of A69 architekti proposes a central public space with a multifunctional community centre.
  • AiD team designed residential properties with inner landscaped courtyards featuring relaxation areas and bodies of water.
  • Jakub Cigler architekti, on the other hand, envisage the central part of Nová Zbrojovka as a compact urban environment dominated by a high-rise building.
  • CMC architectspropose a living green public square with a body of water.
  • Chapman Taylor have designed a multimedia totem with a digital clock.
  • Studio CHYBIK+KRISTOF ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS pproached Zone 5 as a multifunctional public square with a gallery, public services and sports and catering facilities.
  • K4 Architects & Engineersview Nová Zbrojovka’s central part as an opportunity to create a cultural and social centre with the chimney preserved and supplemented with art installations and a high-rise building.
  • Kuba & Pilař architekticonceive the central part as the focal public area of the whole compound featuring a terrace stairway.
  • KUBE propose a complex of office buildings and a public square with a marketplace while
  • MADADORS ARCHITECTShave come up with an original idea to revive a disused millrace while also creating an environment providing opportunities for both work and play.
  • Pelčák a partner architekti propose turning the srdce of Zbrojovka into a central public space with a community centre.

Architectural models on display at Brno City Architecture Office

As well as taking part in the online poll, the public can view models of all 11 architectural designs on the premises of the Brno City Architecture Office at 331/13 Zelný trh. Large-format panels with the Zone 5 designs can be viewed at the above address every Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm until the end of February.




Voting about proposals of Zone 5 you can find here.



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