Brno, Czech Republic / Luxembourg, 7 June 2019

Nová Zbrojovka project recognised for open outward communication

It’s no easy task presenting the public with an extensive development project bound to change the look of, and life in, the Czech Republic’s second biggest city. With this in mind, the Nová Zbrojovka project team decided to embark on a path of discussion and open communication. The value of the decision they took, and its execution, was recognised by the jury at the Lemur industry awards (formerly known as the Czech PR Awards). They assessed the project as worthy of second place in the Public Affairs category.

In our communication of the Nová Zbrojovka project, we considered it important to engage all stakeholders, including the citizens of Brno, representatives of the city government, architects and other experts. Their opinions will have a tangible impact on the final look of the premises, said Jakub Velen, CPI Property Group’s PR and Marketing Director. The approach was clearly appreciated by the jury at the Lemur awards, which have since 2005 recognised the best communication projects in the Czech Republic.

Representatives of CPI Property Group collected their award for second place in the Political PR and Public Affairs category at a gala held on Tuesday 4 June at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art. The Czech PR Awards are seen as providing some of the most prestigious and coveted recognition on the Czech PR market. However, the success achieved was not solely due to the efforts of the communication department. Our colleagues from development lent a helping hand and together with management provided excellent support for our completely open project communication, explained Jakub Velen.

One of the key pillars of the project communication over the past nine months was the gradual unveiling of architectural designs for the six zones into which the area to be developed has been divided. Members of the public were invited to vote on the individual designs and were also able to submit comments. This was one way in which to engage Brno citizens in shaping the estate’s final look. The voting outcomes and people’s suggestions will help us in our decision-making as well as in further project design and planning, Jakub Velen added.

In addition to expressing their views, people were also able to visit the premises on several occasions. We hold open-door days and take part in bigger events, such as Brno’s Open House. We have even made the premises available for the shooting of a student film, said Jakub Velen. Regular communication with the media is a matter of course. Journalists are regularly invited to the premises and to press conferences. Naturally, we also keep in touch with the city and discuss the future neighbourhood regularly, he added.

Nová Zbrojovka stretches over 22 hectares located not far from Brno city centre. What was once an industrial compound where Zbrojovka Brno operated will transform into an entirely new neighbourhood. It will retain an industrial feel and even some original buildings or parts of them. The new estate will significantly improve the quality of public space in the city district of Brno-Židenice while paying due respect to the place’s history. The development will see the building of both office and residential properties, supplemented with a wide range of amenities and services. There will also be plenty of spaces for relaxation. The new neighbourhood will seamlessly link up with existing surroundings, other developments and infrastructure.



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