Brno, Czech Republic / Luxembourg, 1 November 2018

Nová Zbrojovka presents additional concepts for future development. People can vote for, and comment on, individual proposals until mid-December

Today, real estate investment group CPI Property Group revealed on its website dedicated to the Nová Zbrojovka project four more architectural concepts for the location’s Zone 1 future development. Zone 1 is the largest of six segments of the former industrial compound and it has been earmarked primarily for office and light manufacturing use. The public is invited to vote for, and comment on, the individual proposals until mid-December. In the meantime, voting has closed with regard to the public and leisure-time space in Zone 6 – a design proposed by Kuba & Pilař architekti attracted the highest number of votes, followed by proposals put forward by TheBüro and Arch.Design.

I am extremely delighted that we have succeeded in engaging the public in a broad discussion. People’s comments and suggestions regarding the individual designs are very valuable to us and we appreciate them greatly. The discussion also presents a brilliant opportunity to work together in determining the future look of the Nová Zbrojovka compound, commented Zdeněk Havelka, Executive Director of CPI Property Group. We received more than 500 votes and comments on Zone 6. I hope that Zone 1, for which the conceptual proposals have just been unveiled, can generate at least the same level of interest, added Zdeněk Havelka. Zone 1 is the largest of Nová Zbrojovka’s six segments. It is located in the northern part of the industrial compound that was once Zbrojovka Brno. The zone’s northern and western boundaries are formed by the River Svitava, while the eastern boundary is determined by a railway corridor. Zone 1 also incorporates two original industrial buildings considered for refurbishment and modernisation with respect for the preserving of the site’s history. One of the buildings, a former tool shop, is already being transformed into a unique nine-storey office complex with three levels of lofts at the top, a terrace offering breathtaking views across Brno’s skyline and more than 19,000 sqm of office space.

One task, four different approaches

The assignment was the same for everyone: preserve the two original industrial buildings, propose new office and leisure-time facilities including associated services, propose adequate parking provisions, determine an area for a modern energy facility to supply the whole area, and preserve previously proposed flood defences.

  • Jakub Cigler architekti, a.s. proposed organising the development along several greenery-lined axes, with pavilions housing restaurants and an aboveground covered parking facility.
  • A design by Studio CHYBIK+KRISTOF ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS proposes a flexible structure between the two preserved buildings that provides the zone with spaces for work, research and light manufacturing.
  • EA architekti submitted a design combining residential development with business properties and social facilities in harmony with nature.
  • Pelčák a partner architekti presents a vision of attractive residential development in the form of a group of dancing villas.


Voting about proposals of Zone 1 you can find here.

Zone 6 attracts more than 500 votes and comments

In mid-September 2018, the website dedicated to the Nová Zbrojovka project unveiled designs for the first of the site’s six segments and invited votes and comments. The proposals attracted more than 500 responses over one and half months. The highest number of votes went to a design by Kuba & Pilař architekti (170). Next most-voted-for were designs by TheBüro (138) and Arch.Design (105). As well as casting votes, people also submitted valuable comments and once the individual zones of Nová Zbrojovka have been presented, all the received comments will be evaluated and taken into account.

In addition to online voting, people will also once again have an opportunity to see the submitted architectural designs on display in the City of Brno Architect’s Office at Zelný trh 331/13. The display of large-format panels dedicated to the Zone 1 proposals will open to the public on Monday 12 November. It will remain accessible every Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.



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