Brno / Luxembourg, September 18 2018

The citizens of Brno will have the opportunity to contribute to the future of Nová Zbrojovka. CPI Property Group will gradually be introducing proposals for the new neighbourhood.

The presentation of the first zone, referred to as "public space" is published on the Nová Zbrojovka website. The visualisations are displayed at the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno

The future shape of the Nová Zbrojovka area, alongside leading experts and urban planners, will also be influenced by the people of Brno. Several architectural offices have planned future studies of the six proposed zones of the Nová Zbrojovka development project. CPI Property Group (CPI PG) will gradually reveal the possible use of the project’s studies on the Nová Zbrojovka website, these studies will also be displayed at the visualisation exhibition at the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno. The NZ area will be composed of individual zones providing office, retail, residential, leisure and public space. At first, the public will be introduced to zone six, the study of public space. On the Nova Zbrojovka website, CPI PG is presenting three architectural proposals of this zone, granting the public the opportunity to vote for their preferred public space proposal of their choice. Additionally, the website also allows anyone via the online suggestion form to express ideas and preferences about how they would imagine the Nová Zbrojovka public space. The studies are published here.

We are putting a strong emphasis on the task of building a completely new 22-hectare area from the former Zbrojovka complex, so we have decided to cooperate with leading Czech urban planners, experts and architects. In the coming months, we will present several studies on individual zones that will demonstrate to the public the possible future shape of the area. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and to collect the opinions of the citizens of Brno which, along with experts from CPI PG and other professionals, will become a decisive parameter of the future shape of the complex, explains Zdeněk Havelka, CPI Property Group Executive Director. An active discussion is already taking place on the future shape of the site both with the representative of Brno and with the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno. Alongside the internet survey, we will open an exhibition of architectural designs for each zone. Large-format panels will be available to the public from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 17:00 at the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno at Zelený trh 331/13, on the ground floor of the building. It is planned to present each zone separately every, one and a half months.

Three public space proposals

The proposals for zone six, which is located near the swimming pool Zábrdovice near Lazaretní street is presented by three architect studios with offices in Brno. The first proposal, is from TheBüro studio that connects the zone to the Zábrdovice swimming pool, linking a sports-leisure building, shops and a two-storey car park. Studio Arch.Design, which operates also in Prague, offers two buildings. The first, serves as a sports and events hall, the second as an office building with a retail floor. The third design from Kuba & Pilař architekti offers a multipurpose hall, hotel and outdoor sports areas. Detailed descriptions of the plans by the architects themselves, including visualisations, will be placed here.

’We welcome CPI Property Group to share with the citizens of Židenice, alongside the city of Brno and the surrounding area in concern to the possible intentions that may arise in the dilapidated premises of Zbrojovka. I am convinced that by revitalising the area the surrounding public will get a quality environment corresponding to their lives in the centre of our modern metropolis, comments the Mayor of Židenice Mgr. René Novotný.

Work is already underway, next door to operating tenants

Although half of the original buildings are undergoing demolition with the subsoil being rebuilt and the rubble being recycled, Zbrojovka site continues to operate with one hundred companies. Most of these tenants are interested in remaining on the premises and look forward to the future, with on-going discussions regarding the needs of these tenants. New companies that are interested in relocating their offices to Nová Zbrojovka are also included in the discussions.

CPI PG acquired the site in 2016 and plans to gradually build a new district in the 22-hectare area, the largest brownfield in Brno. CPI PG plans to build a modern district with focus on a natural affiliation to the surrounding urban areas and transport infrastructure. The total investment will amount to tens of billions of crowns.

For more details on the construction, please see this press release.



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