Brno, Czech Republic / Luxembourg, 7 June 2019

Citizens take active part in discussing Nová Zbrojovka and provide nearly 4,000 responses

The actual look of the new neighbourhood still to grow not far from Brno city centre remains subject to discussion. The project for Nová Zbrojovka, which will stretch over some 22 hectares, has received inputs not only from representatives of the Moravian capital, architects and other experts but also from Brno citizens. Over the past several months, city inhabitants had the opportunity to vote for their favourite designs proposed for individual zones of the new neighbourhood by a number of architectural studios. People were also able to submit project comments and suggestions. All of these inputs will serve as one starting point for the project team.

Conceptual proposals for the new neighbourhood were submitted by no less than 14 architectural studios. They put forward a diverse range of solutions for the individual zones. For each of the six zones, the public was able to vote on the submitted proposals for a period of one month, during which time people were also able to submit comments. In nine months of voting on the proposals and collecting comments, we accumulated almost 4,000 responses. This broad survey provided us with a wealth of valuable insights that have helped us to form a more definite vision for the neighbourhood, said Ladislav Všetečka, Project Manager for Nová Zbrojovka at CPI Property Group. We wish to thank everyone who contributed. The considerable public interest motivates us to keep improving our project, Všetečka added.

In their provided comments, people most frequently expressed wishes to see more greenery and bodies of water included in the designs, along with sports facilities. Good infrastructure and easy connections with other parts of the city were also often mentioned. We are great supporters of the city’s plans and hope that the planned Nová Dukelská project can be realised soon as it will provide a link from Tomkovo Square, through the former Zetor engine factory and across the river Svitava, connecting Nová Zbrojovka to the city’s main ring road, noted Všetečka. I am confident that negotiations with the city and among the involved parties will continue to progress constructively and will soon produce the necessary city council decisions, he added.

Results of voting for individual zones

Zone 6, earmarked for a public space, attracted the greatest number of responses. The zone is located along Lazaretní Street near the Zábrdovice lido. The zone is to feature a combination of leisure-time facilities and services. The public favoured a design by Kuba & Pilař architekti, s.r.o. It proposes a hotel, multipurpose indoor sports facility and outdoor sports ground.

In terms of the total number of votes, the runner-up was the central area, zone 5. People most favoured the designs submitted by CMC architects, Kuba & Pilař architekti s.r.o., and AiD team a.s. As a result, similar numbers of votes were cast in favour of a design proposing a centrally positioned public space with a terrace stairway, a design that proposes a living green square with a body of water, and a submission with blocks of buildings and a combination of functions creating a living transition between the residential area along the Svitava riverbank on one side and an office area stretching to railway tracks on the other.

According to a poll conducted when zone 4 was unveiled, residential properties in Nová Zbrojovka should offer a combination of multiple-dwelling houses, apartments, starter homes and rental housing. Respondents showed little interest in investment-type properties. When it came to zone 3, citizens of Brno preferred the concepts put forward by AiD team a.s., and TheBüro.

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